Sunday, March 27, 2016

Step one..

Yes this is my first post of 2016, it has taken some time but the first of the new projects is underway!


For years we’ve talked about changing our master bath, we’ve toyed with adding a powder room somewhere else on the first floor.  The reason?  Well, we don’t have one so when company comes they are using our master bathroom and well, I’d rather not. So this is where the project started; a tub/shower surround, a vanity and a toilet.

Last weekend the bathroom looked like that on Friday and like what’s below on Sunday!


That’s the wall where the tub was, the wall where the vanity was and the new toilet that will be in the new powder room.

By the end of this weekend it looks like this;


sheet rock where the tub was, the framing for the new wall and the sheetrock behind the toilet. The new wall will condense the size to six by six.


The new vanity will go here, where the front of the tub was.  All of this is step one of a very long process. that will see us turning the master bath into a powder room and then building a new master bath inside our bedroom!

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