Sunday, June 4, 2017

One step at a time..

Randy chose his next project and it is one I am very grateful for and one that I am helping on.  New deck steps!

I’m not sure that the last steps were ever intended to be permanent, what I do know, they were steep and narrow and I hated going down them with an arm load of anything!

May 2013 (4)

Saturday was demolition day and the day that we built the new landing.


We worked all day to get the framing done and the new posts in place.

By the end of our work on Sunday we had a landing with decking and a step!


Randy says he’s going to add another piece to the first step since the dogs might skip it if it’s to small. The area between the two post will be where the new steps go.  This week weather permitting we will keep moving forward!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A beautiful gift..

Randy decided after the interior renovations, he wanted to make something that didn’t involve cutting two by fours, he wanted to make a piece of furniture.  He started researching and decided to make a Greene and Greene style blanket chest. He found some articles, a plan and started getting his supplies together.  The wood he used was mahogany with ebony plugs and splines.  The finish is a mix and it was hand applied, so was the top coat.  I think he did 4 coats of stain and 4 coats of the clear finish to protect it.  

The hinges are special in that the lid will never slam shut and will stay open at any position.
This beautiful piece of furniture went to our dear friends Erin and Nick who are expecting their first child.  We took it to them today and they were both so surprised and could hardly believe that Randy had made it for them.  It is one of the most beautiful things he has ever built.
So wonder what he will be getting into next?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Life & Gardening

It would seem that the two go together somehow as they say life began in a garden.  For those that read this blog you may come here for updates on Cooper’s capers or Tuckers travels. Maybe you even want to know what mischief Randy is getting into in his workshop, I mean the blog did start to keep family updated on the new projects taking place here.  So to that end I’m splitting the blog and taking my gardening posts with me!
From now on if you want to find out about my (or our) gardening adventures you can find them here:
Gardening at Logs End
It will be about ponds, plants and pictures of nature and all things outside that occupy my time.  I suspect occasionally Cooper & Tucker will grace the pages as well.
Life at Logs End will be just that, the what’s goings on here and with us.  That way if you aren’t into weeding woes or plant pontifications you won’t have to read about it!
See you around the blogs!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Still here..

Well, howdy, it’s been a while I know.  We took a much needed break from big house projects and just did some quiet living for the last few months.  I’d say that we were hibernating for the winter, but we didn’t really have winter here this year.  Randy is diligently working on a top secret project in his workshop and I have to admit I’m glad his creative side kicked back in. 

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for ideas on everything related to home.  I like things organized and efficient.  I want like things together, all the baking, coffee, tea, storage, etc. should be together it saves time because you aren’t looking all over the kitchen for something.  We did a little mini project that involved some inexpensive hobby wood and some adhesive from Lowes.  Custom drawer dividers and let me tell you, it’s made me all kinds of happy.  No more stuff sliding into the darkness of the back of the drawer and no more cramped little spaces for the forks and knives.  As I took everything out of the drawers I also sorted it out and tossed a ton of stuff into the give away pile.


We’ve done several other drawers in the kitchen but you get the idea!

I’ve been on the ‘urge to purge’ road the last several weeks.  I hate clutter, I mean like seriously, I can’t stand piles around me, I can’t stand knowing that my closet is a disaster hidden behind a door. It stresses me out!!  We’ve got this closet in the laundry room that ends up as a catch all for everything and typically it looks like this and you can’t even see the floor!


I pulled everything out of it and started going through it.  I ended up with some stuff to give away and some stuff that just need to be better organized.


So I already had one of these Iris containers for my wild bird food that can’t go in the garage.  I got two more, one for the dog treats and one for the cat litter.  The little wooden box I had and it holds trash bags perfectly!


I’m still working but it’s getting better!  I’ve labeled the stuff that is in there now so that you can put your hand on what you are looking for without digging.

I’ve got bigger projects on my radar, a redo of the laundry room, an upgrade of the kitchen and a makeover for the closet (shudders!) in the foyer. For now, I’ve got plenty of sorting and boxing up to give away to work on. 


Of course I’ve also got my high energy boys to keep me on my toes!


Have a great day!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


The master bath project is now completed!  Actually, it’s been done for a while, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting about it.

Oct 30 2016 (2)

Here is the backsplash and niche, complete with grout and fancy edging.

Oct 30 2016 (1)

Here is the outside of the bath, all that is really left is to white wash the paneling.  I love everything about it and honestly that shower is so awesome  I could stay in there for hours!

Now maybe we will finally get the rest of the trim and painting done in the powder room…

Monday, September 5, 2016

Where we are now..

When we last checked in, the floor of the shower had been grouted leaving the walls and the floor.


Next came the spackle, sand, spackle, sand, spackle, sand and paint but you don’t need to see those pictures.  The ones you really want to see are from this weekend.


Here’s the vanity, mirror and light fixture.  We still haven’t settled on a top it has to be custom whatever it is.  The space on the wall next to the light switch will be a small niche with a shelf.


Here’s the linen cabinet it fit perfectly in the little corner and left plenty of room for hooks on the wall for towels.


Here the shower fixtures have all been installed and yes that’s water raining out of the shower head!

The toilet is also installed and useable but you don’t really need to see a close up of that.

So what’s left before we are done?  Well I’ve got to get the glass panel for the shower ordered.  The vanity top obviously and a little plumbing to hook that up.  We are in the home stretch for this project!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Grout, wood and tile…oh my!

Progress continues on the master bath, lots of things that you can really see.  Plumbing and electric aren’t anywhere near as exciting Winking smile


Here’s the shower floor, all nice and grouted!  We worked really hard on this tile, when putting down the sheets as they were, it was easy to see the pattern of the sheets.  We wanted it to be more random so we actually pulled tiles off the sheets and pieced it together, all the edges are random tiles cut to fit.  The grout is called mobe pearl and it pulls from all the colors pretty well.


The ipe wall is done, Randy has some plugs to make to cover the screw holes and we will most likely seal it to maintain the rich color. I love how it looks next to the blue tile.


Last weekend the in floor heating went in.  This weekend the tile floor is in, it still needs to be sealed and grouted but that’s for next weekend!


Cooper and Tucker were exhausted from watching us work this weekend!