Sunday, June 4, 2017

One step at a time..

Randy chose his next project and it is one I am very grateful for and one that I am helping on.  New deck steps!

I’m not sure that the last steps were ever intended to be permanent, what I do know, they were steep and narrow and I hated going down them with an arm load of anything!

May 2013 (4)

Saturday was demolition day and the day that we built the new landing.


We worked all day to get the framing done and the new posts in place.

By the end of our work on Sunday we had a landing with decking and a step!


Randy says he’s going to add another piece to the first step since the dogs might skip it if it’s to small. The area between the two post will be where the new steps go.  This week weather permitting we will keep moving forward!

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