Friday, May 12, 2017

Life & Gardening

It would seem that the two go together somehow as they say life began in a garden.  For those that read this blog you may come here for updates on Cooper’s capers or Tuckers travels. Maybe you even want to know what mischief Randy is getting into in his workshop, I mean the blog did start to keep family updated on the new projects taking place here.  So to that end I’m splitting the blog and taking my gardening posts with me!
From now on if you want to find out about my (or our) gardening adventures you can find them here:
Gardening at Logs End
It will be about ponds, plants and pictures of nature and all things outside that occupy my time.  I suspect occasionally Cooper & Tucker will grace the pages as well.
Life at Logs End will be just that, the what’s goings on here and with us.  That way if you aren’t into weeding woes or plant pontifications you won’t have to read about it!
See you around the blogs!

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