Sunday, March 26, 2017

Still here..

Well, howdy, it’s been a while I know.  We took a much needed break from big house projects and just did some quiet living for the last few months.  I’d say that we were hibernating for the winter, but we didn’t really have winter here this year.  Randy is diligently working on a top secret project in his workshop and I have to admit I’m glad his creative side kicked back in. 

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for ideas on everything related to home.  I like things organized and efficient.  I want like things together, all the baking, coffee, tea, storage, etc. should be together it saves time because you aren’t looking all over the kitchen for something.  We did a little mini project that involved some inexpensive hobby wood and some adhesive from Lowes.  Custom drawer dividers and let me tell you, it’s made me all kinds of happy.  No more stuff sliding into the darkness of the back of the drawer and no more cramped little spaces for the forks and knives.  As I took everything out of the drawers I also sorted it out and tossed a ton of stuff into the give away pile.


We’ve done several other drawers in the kitchen but you get the idea!

I’ve been on the ‘urge to purge’ road the last several weeks.  I hate clutter, I mean like seriously, I can’t stand piles around me, I can’t stand knowing that my closet is a disaster hidden behind a door. It stresses me out!!  We’ve got this closet in the laundry room that ends up as a catch all for everything and typically it looks like this and you can’t even see the floor!


I pulled everything out of it and started going through it.  I ended up with some stuff to give away and some stuff that just need to be better organized.


So I already had one of these Iris containers for my wild bird food that can’t go in the garage.  I got two more, one for the dog treats and one for the cat litter.  The little wooden box I had and it holds trash bags perfectly!


I’m still working but it’s getting better!  I’ve labeled the stuff that is in there now so that you can put your hand on what you are looking for without digging.

I’ve got bigger projects on my radar, a redo of the laundry room, an upgrade of the kitchen and a makeover for the closet (shudders!) in the foyer. For now, I’ve got plenty of sorting and boxing up to give away to work on. 


Of course I’ve also got my high energy boys to keep me on my toes!


Have a great day!

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