Monday, November 16, 2015

November musings..

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It wasn’t too long ago that the backyard was ablaze in color from our beautiful beech trees and oaks.  The winds came, followed by rain and more wind and now we are left with bare branches and flowerbeds full of leaves and tulip poplar seeds.  We spent several hours this weekend cleaning up the leaves that all seemed to fall at once.  I can’t remember a time when the poplar seeds all came down this early, nor when they were so deep on the deck that I had to broom at least once a day to keep the dogs from tracking them in.

The November weather is anything but typical, it’s been warm, far too warm for my taste.  Dealing with mosquitoes and ticks this time of the year is not something I’m too happy about.  I’m ready to be done with them, I’m ready for jeans, boots and sweaters, I’m ready for hot chocolate and a little time by our fire pit that we’ve barely gotten to use this year.  Speaking of which, where did the year go?  It seems to have just flown by and so much was left undone, again.  I guess as a gardener that is just part of the process, always looking forward to next year.  I’m praying for a very cold white winter that’s for sure, I really don’t want to be reminded of all that needs to be done next year.

Cooper and Tucker continue to be a source of amusement, to say the least and Tucker well he continues to grow and grow and grow.

Nov 4 2015 (17)

He is a little different from other dogs I’ve had.  He’s considerably more hard-headed and he also gets into more mischief than any dog I’ve ever loved.  Granted our greyhound BB ate things he shouldn’t but that was from separation anxiety, Tucker does it out of I don’t know what!  He has eating a banana peel and all from the counter, though Randy doesn’t believe it.  He ate some butter and it’s wrapper as well, off the counter.  We had to get rid of all the flat dog toys as he tried to swallow them and his most recent escapade was to take a bottle of cough medicine off the sink and open a child proof cap and pour it all over the dog bed!  I pray that this is just a phase and he’s going to learn that these behaviors are frowned upon. 

Nov 4 2015 (25)

Cooper continues to be the love of my life, <3 He is just ‘that’ dog the one that I always dreamed of having, the one that seems to understand me and who wants to be with me more often than not.  He is a constant comfort to me and my life is a better place because of him.  I love watching him play with Tucker, he is so truly happy to have someone to chase and wrestle with.  They spend so much time outside together playing, I can’t wait till the snow comes and they can chase each other through that.  If I could figure the paths that they take I’d just use those through the gardens and plant around, because anything under the foot of my ponies is doomed!

As we ready for the holidays we’ve decided to make some much needed changes, to let go of things that aren’t uplifting, that aren’t brining joy and happiness.  It’s time to focus our attention on the insides of our home and to clean and disown the things that just aren’t necessary to our happy life.  Sometimes letting go of stuff is challenging because we keep it out of guilt or obligation but if it doesn’t serve a purpose in your life that’s positive, why hold on to it?  Sentimental items can take up too much space and if nothing else I’ve learned that when you disown stuff, you open yourself up all the positives that couldn’t fit before!

In case we don’t check back before, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, if not may you have a blessed end to the month of November.

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