Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pizza Perfection..

Big Green Egg style!
When we last left off I believe that food was being grilled on the Big Green Eggs for the first time!  We made pizza and salmon on a cedar plank last weekend and it was delish!  Randy ever the perfectionist had to have another go at the pizza this week and this time I got pictures!
(I now have proof that he can cook and thus can no longer use the excuse that he doesn’t know what to fix!)
After tossing the dough about a bit he made a wonderful, well two actually,  Margherita Pizzas!
Before the egg did it’s magic…
Look at that yummy goodness!  The crust is cooked to perfection and is nice and crisp, the toppings don’t get over cooked and the cheese melts into delicious pools of heaven!  I told him I NEVER wanted another pizza cooked any other way!
Now that’s what I call a good ending to a long week!

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