Monday, July 14, 2014

It’s the pits…

So I’ve long wanted a fire feature in the yard.  While I don’t miss the mess of wood inside, I do miss the smell and visual of a warm crackling fire.  I also wouldn’t mind whipping up some s’mores (organic of course) on a chilly fall or early spring evening.  Back in the early spring I somehow stumbled upon a very clever retail version that I thought would suit my needs and be very, very, very, little work for use.  *Note that very, very, very, little work for use!*  So I purchased it.


See very little work just sit the log base on the ground, grab some wood, some chairs and have fun!

It sat in the garage for a couple months till I finally hauled it out back.  I moved it around the yard till I found what I thought was a nice spot.  Randy didn’t like it and decided it should be somewhere else, but he didn’t move it.  Recently, some what out of the blue he asked how I felt about it going where the plum tree used to be.  He made it sound as if it would be a very easy thing just pull out the stump, reuse some pavers we have and we’d be set.  Well, okay.! (He also made a joke about it being half way between the house and where the pool would be which I bet he hopes I forget!)


Last Sunday he spent a few hours working to get the plum tree out and the area cleaned up.  He cut a nice circle and I thought cool, get those pavers in place and this project would be done.

Not so fast Angie.  The words that I dread, the ones that I hate to hear coming from my darling engineers lips, I’ve been thinking..and level.. Uh-oh…


So he starting digging and digging and digging some more.  Cooper even tried to help out!  He hit rocks and roots and still he dug on.  The simple plan became a grand scheme, now we were going to get new pavers and build a half wall to sit on and it was going to be level. (*Note that I hate the use of the word level when speaking about ANYTHING in my yard.  The entire yard slopes towards the woods and I’m not sure we have a level spot anywhere! Level to me is a fantasy.)


This was how things were looking on Saturday.  Once the sun hits that spot of the yard, baking takes place, so work comes to a stop.  It’s full on direct sun..hmmm maybe THAT is where the pool should go…  We headed off to Lowes to look at blocks and sand and supplies and to see if we could figure out what we wanted to use.


Sunday finds it looking like this and uh-oh it appears that the drainage pipe is running through the circle.  I’m not sure how he’s going to fix that but I’m sure he will.  As you can see, he dug down pretty deep to get it level, the block wall/seating will go on that side, maybe most of the way around.  I’m not sure what he’s coming up with, I just know he is engineering something wonderful, he always does!

Stay tuned…

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