Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday BGE’s Bees and plants..

On June 17th Cooper turned a year old!  We can’t believe he’s been here 10 months, it doesn’t seem like it at all!  For his birthday he got a steak and a pool!
Jun 17 2014 (10)Jun 17 2014 (3)
Almost… but not grilling yet..
Randy worked most of the weekend on the BGE Island and it’s almost done.  He’s got to do a little caulking and assemble (reassemble) the eggs.  I’m hopeful for low and slow by this weeks end.  The slate in the nest box turned out really nice, but I’m still really glad it didn’t end up on the back splash!
I spent a lot of time getting that parade of pots taken care of and all of the plants the neighbor gave me as well!  I’m happy with the layout and glad I didn’t wait to try and buy all the shrubs the plants landscape person suggested before I started planting and moving what I have.
At the top of the water fall right behind the gazebo I started with a bleeding heart, hosta and a pulmonaria.  The huge rock at the end is a stepping stone that leads to the filter.  I’m going to put a path in to the left of this grouping so that we have easy access to it for maintenance.
I took up that annoying rock mess and planted a host of hosta along the outside edge.  It’s still raised a little so water ‘shouldn’t’ be able to wash in.  I placed some of the smaller rocks along the backside of the little wall in case any water does get past and because they won’t wash like mulch.
I planted things not only where I hope they will grow and thrive, but in attempts to make collections.  I need leaf mulch and patience by the truck load now.
On Sunday while Randy continued his quest for completion.  I tackled the bed below the deck.  I have a love of native plants so jewel weed and it’s pretty flowers that the hummingbirds love is welcome in my gardens.  The problem is if you give it an inch, it takes acres!
DSC_0013 (9)
So I went from that to this.
Leaving a small patch of the jewel weed to the left there.  I transplanted a few more hosta out of the danger zone and moved some Autumn joy sedum into this bed as well.  We sat the Turks Cap lily pot in the bed in hopes that the seeds will fall and grow as digging is difficult at best in this spot. (The roots of the old maple tree are still there after oh 6 years or so!)  The rope laying in the grass is the potential new edge for the bed, but I’m still mulling that over.  I know the edge needs to be more mower friendly, but I don’t know if I want to make the bed bigger or smaller.  Decisions, decisions.
I didn’t open the Langs this weekend but the bees have been very active out in front.  I did peek into the top bar and wow are those girls going to town!  They’ve filled up just about all the bars I’ve given them, so that means adding more from the other side now.  Thing is I’m not sure Randy is ready for me to starting doing that.
I am always happy to see other pollinators and seeing this one on the white milkweed was very happy indeed.

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