Friday, June 20, 2014

Islands and inches..

The granite guys came last Friday (yes I’m delinquent in posting).  While Randy was at the US Open in Pinehurst.  To me the addition of the granite made the BGE island look so much bigger.
Randy returned home at midnight, so on Sunday morning we went off to the tile shop to get the slate he had ordered for the area we are calling the ‘nest box’. 
He’s hoping to get the island done and the eggs in this coming weekend.  How nice it will be to grill again!!!!
Over the time he was gone I worked on weeding the bed in the driveway, moving some plants around in there (and out of there) and moving the edge in to make the bed smaller.
I decided that since the only violets the deer ever eat are the ones in my flower beds, I’m going to pull them out of the beds and maybe the deer won’t go into those beds.  As I move all the edibles out I’m hoping the deer find somewhere else to go.
This is the plant holding area.  All the plants that either I’ve dug up or my Mom has given me are sitting here waiting to be planted.  They are easy to water and aren’t getting baked in the sun.  Plus it’s central enough that I can walk them around in the back deciding where I want them.
Each time I get frustrated with how incredibly slow the make over and move are going something will remind me that it will happen.  I had glanced up at the wisteria growing on the gazebo, it’s filling out so nicely.  It had sent tendrils up that had wrapped around the wind chime.  So I went up to carefully unwind them.  While I was standing there, I looked down and this is what I saw.  it reminded me that while the progress maybe slow, the reward is well worth it.

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