Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boxes, brackets and of course Cooper..

The weekend started with delivery of our new deck furniture in two big boxes.  Of course things couldn’t be smooth and easy and we are missing two complete sets of hardware for two chairs and the light fixture’s battery compartment is cracked so I’ll be making the call on Monday for the replacement parts.  We like the furniture a lot though it’s consider counter height, so it’s a little taller and instead of looking at the rails I can see over them.

Randy decided to work a little more on the glider since we had the replacement brackets.  He got it all assembled and it works but it sits very low without the bend in the bracket like the original.  So in addition to needing to unbend some bends in the metal, now he needs to bend the new brackets.  Still it’s a piece of my family history, dings and dents included!
Cooper continues to grow, though he seems to have no idea how big he is.  He is a continual source of joy with his playtime with Ally and his sleeping positions.

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