Saturday, May 3, 2014

After, the afters….

So here’s irony for you, I delayed the posting of the Before and Afters until my family had a chance to see it in real life.  We were very excited about surprising our parents that were coming in from out of town.
Nature decided that we were in for our own surprise and dumped 8 inches of rain on us in less than 24 hours.  We know that we are fortunate because it could have been so much worse.  It still however stung to see all the work that we’d been doing, washing away.
While the drain did it’s job, the wall and the pavers and the water did not play well together.  The water came up over the pavers and the wall and flooded along the side of the drain area.
Our entire driveway was underwater at one point.
All the water from the front converged into the middle of the side and back yard.  It was something to see.  Gradually there was a lot to see..
The pipe that they dug a trench for reappeared much to my surprise.  The water just kept flowing from every direction.
These grasses are outside of the pond normally.
These two pictures are of the ‘stream’ that came to life in our woods.  In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve only ever seen water flowing back there once or twice.  Not only could I see this, but you could hear it too.  I’d love to always have a stream back there, I just don’t want the river through my yard.
We have a lot of cleaning up to do and Nick at Acer Landscaping has offered to come out and make changes to anything that needs to be changed or fixed.  The sun is shinning now, let’s hope things dry out and get back to normal soon!

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