Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Happenings..

While it wasn’t a balmy 70 or 80 out this weekend (thankfully!) we did spend it working on two of our current projects.
Randy worked himself sore hammering in sleeves, hauling gravel and concrete and setting the post for the deer fence in place.
What you don’t see very well is that the top and bottom monofilament lines are in place as well.  We are getting there, it’s a slow process but it’s coming together.  While meandering around helping with little things I discovered a few wildflowers coming up on their own in the woods, lucky for me they are on the right side of the fence!
While he worked on things I couldn’t help with (even though I did try my hand at pounding in the sleeves with the sledge hammer!) I worked on finishing up some mulching in the bee area and the transplanting of some Spring flowers to their new home under the maple tree.
I also finished cleaning out the rest of the garden beds, spent some time cutting down briars, honeysuckle and dog rose. 
I told Randy that we needed to spend some time working on one of ‘his’ projects so we started the stoning process of the grill island.
It took a few rows to get the pattern and process down but when he did,
Wow!  I think it’s going to be awesome and I love the look of the stone, it just fits with our home.
Happy Easter!

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