Monday, May 12, 2014

Rock On…

We’ve been on a roll… with rocks.
Randy has been working in between deer post and rain drops on his island, I know how much he wants it done so he can get to grilling again. 
I was doing a little digging for a project and I hit a rock.  Randy said oh it’s small you can pop it right out, an hour later I was still digging around it.  When I finally popped it out, it was a boulder not a little rock!
My little project was a dry stream bed on the back side of the pond. That 8” of rain made a mess of the pond and this area.  My ‘thought’ was that a dry stream bed would help if something like that ever happened again.  Initially I wanted to make it deeper and wider, but the plumbing for the bog and pond are on the left and the stupid underground fence for the dogs is on the right.  Of course I didn’t know this until AFTER I had dug it all out!  So I ended up filling it back in, leaving a smallish trench, putting down landscape fabric and filling it with river rock.  I need a little more and some smaller sizes to fill in the gaps.  I seriously thought about turning it into a path as well, who knows.  That’s the beauty of gardening, to some extent it’s all very fluid.  

Rock on!

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