Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just a month…

It’s been a month.  It doesn’t seem like it at all, most days it feels like Cooper has been here forever!
He’s growing SO fast, at his vet appointment this past Wednesday he was 28.5 pounds!  He’s doing great with his puppy kindergarten class and his in home training with a professional trainer.  He’s super smart, maybe too smart as he figured out how to go up and down the stairs in the house by himself as well as hop on the sofa!  We’ve been working to teach him that he can only join us if we invite him as we don’t want him up there on his own.
Zoe has decided that she likes him for the most part. When we got back from the vet she was most interested in where he was and not us.  She must have missed him because she let him do something that she typically doesn’t do…
get on her bed!  They also spent some quality time together in the living room..
I think the biggest challenge we are facing is with the cats.  When he remains calm they all get along so well, the trouble is he gets super excited, they run and he chases.  The funny thing is neither Hayleigh or Ally have done more than hiss at him.  Ally is softening though…
I guess she’s realizing he’s here to stay and she’s got to share!  He was just beside himself with glee, he kept burying his head under her and she’d just purr louder. 
I love my fur-kids!

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ShirleyC said...

Love, love, love the ongoing story!