Sunday, September 15, 2013

One month

It’s been a month since Cooper joined our family and the little man is getting bigger everyday.  I would bet money I can hear him growing at night sometimes!  He’s 26lbs, now and he’s still all leg.  He and Zoe have become better friends,
though still not as close as Cooper would like.  In the mornings he does his best to climb into her bed with her when he comes in from his trip to the ‘outhouse’.  Zoe tolerates it for a few minutes and then gives the please remove him look.  She has started playing with toys again, which makes me very happy as she stopped shortly after we lost Dakota.  She seems to enjoy playing keep-away with him, she picks up a pink pig and turns her head this way and that, keeping it away from him.  The funniest part is the look on her face, she seems to really enjoy teasing him!
Surprise, surprise Cooper has made his way onto the furniture.  We said no, no more dogs on the furniture but a funny thing happened.  We found that letting him sit in the chair with me meant he was quiet and slept and well was perfectly content to not pester Zoe, not chase the cats and not drive our backs into irreparable damage.  So now by invite only with the request of ‘feet’ he gets to sit next to me in the double chair. 
This week he starts puppy kindergarten (heaven help me!) he’s had two in home lessons with three more to follow.  Cooper will be well educated if nothing else!  He seems to have the go outside routine down, so his freedom inside is growing.  He even got to see the ‘upstairs’ this week, I think it freaked him out a little!
Now if I could just get him to stop chasing the cats….

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