Monday, September 30, 2013

Coopers Capers…

Cooper had quite the week this week.  He learned how to go up and down the steps in the house by himself, as well as how to jump on our bed. (That one is a big no, no.) He also learned that he could sit on the sofa in the morning with Zoe.
He completed his fence training in amazing fashion and did wonderfully at his second puppy kindergarten class.  He managed to only have one meltdown day and we don’t know if they happen because he’s over tired or not tired enough.
He also started ringing his Poochie Bells.  We wanted to teach him how to let us know he needed to go out because while Dakota would go to the door and whine, Zoe never does.  She really doesn’t tell you she needs to go, she will walk around the house or lay down in the floor or just stand and stare at you, but she rarely ever goes to the door. So we’ve been ringing the bells every time we take him out and up until this week, you would not have known he’d made the connection.  Now Cooper is a little too, smart and on several occasions he rang the bells because he wanted to go outside, not because he needed to go potty.  Stinker!
He is so much like Dakota in his love of the sunshine and that bed, it was one of Dakota’s favorite spots and yes that is the same bed!  Now, if he’d just stop eating everything he finds outside!
He gave Randy and I a scare on Friday night when out of the blue he’s beautiful eye looked horrible.
It would eventually swell all the way shut and the side of his face also was swollen.  We don’t know if he was bitten, ran into something or if this was an injury from playing with Zoe.  We iced it several times and were going to take him to the vet on Saturday, but by the morning it was all better.
One thing is for sure, everyday is an adventure with him!

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