Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Woodworker!

Sometimes people don’t like to ‘toot their own horns’.  I get that, I really do because face it, we see the flaws in anything we create and in some cases do.  I however am a full blown horn blower especially when it comes to my uber talented woodworking husband. When Randy makes something he will tell you where it isn’t ‘right’ but that is the eyes of the creator he is viewing it with.  To someone like myself and perhaps you as well, what he makes is incredible and I think he sells himself short.  I went back through our pictures and found some of the things he’s made, I’m still searching for a couple things and may have to take new pictures but it will be of the items in use!
So join me in a walk down memory lane..shall we…

Randy started his wood crafting in our townhouse basement turning pens, darts and key chains.  It was incredible to see him take a block of wood and turn it on his lathe into a pen!  I still have the set he gave me it’s the Tulipwood set in the pictures and I use them all the time.
Once we moved and he had a larger work shop his tool collection expanded and he started making other items.  I think some of the first things he made were these trivets that he gave as Christmas gifts back in 2002.  He made them using his router, I still think that they are incredibly cool.
He also made some awesome cutting boards that year.
In 2003 he made us lamps out of cherry for our bedside tables.
He made us two beautiful end tables from oak.
I also got an incredible jewelry box that year when I requested a thoughtful gift!
It has a music box in it that plays the song I walked down the isle too, isn’t it beautiful.
A cedar outdoor table was his next big project, I love this table so much it’s the perfect size and many a meal has been eaten at it.
A brief return to the lathe brought about pepper mills and salt mills for gifts that year.
He still gets request for one or the other from people, they are just incredible!
A makeover of his office and the next thing you knew he was building furniture!
This is just the tip of the ice berg friends!  This man is amazingly talented and there are still a few more things that I’ll share once I have pictures of them.  He won’t ever brag about his accomplishments, but as an incredibly proud wife I most certainly can!

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