Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Did It Go?

It was just summer yesterday right?  Wow, talk about time flying when you’re having fun or at least working in the gardens!  Let’s see, what’s new here..hmmm

Randy and I took a vacation back to PSV and spent seven days there.  I love the fact that the hardest decision we have to make while there is what bathing suit to wear.

Here in the house though we’re doing a big clean up and out.  It was just time to clean out the attic, basement and all the cabinets and closets.  We called Donation Nation to come and take it all away and find new homes for it.  I love the fact that they actually make sure it’s donated and not dumped in the local landfill.  I hate going to the dump and seeing all the stuff that could’ve been reused or repurposed just being tossed.  I guess I just don’t like that so many see life as disposable.
I’ll have tons of pictures to share soon, bees, photo galleries, the rearranged rooms and who knows what else!
See you soon!

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