Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here I am..

Things have slowed way down outside, the weather has finally gotten colder (thank you!) and today it even rained albeit, not very much.  I’ve spent all of today decorating for Christmas, we have a maddening busy December this year and we don’t even have hockey to contend with! (Which is perhaps how we got so busy!) I’ve been working on staying ahead of the tidal wave that is December and am not doing too terribly badly at it!

thanksgiving and dd12 007

I managed to get the Moose room and tree all decked out.  It’s very pretty when the lights are on and it’s so cozy out there since we’ve rearranged the furniture.  I suppose I need to get a picture of that!

We also got up the ‘big’ tree!
thanksgiving and dd12 006

But that was as far as we got this past weekend.  We will be decorating it this week and the rest of the house.  I’ll be sure to share some photographs after all is said and done!

In any event, there are things that still need to be done outside before I can call the season a wrap and I hope we can get to them this weekend.  The beehive needs some insulating and I believe the we are going to go the panel route.  I also have some allium bulbs that need to go into the dirt as soon as possible!  We shall see if that happens or if they end up in pots!  Truth be told I’m a little nervous to plant them as not only do I have spring bulbs that have emerged, but someone took it upon themselves to dig up those that I planted a couple of weekends ago.  I found random bulbs laying on the ground in the flower beds.  Sigh…

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butterfly said...

Hi Angie... I've come the long way round, just because my computer doesn't seem to want me to visit your crafty site - thinks it's dangerous!! But happy WOYWW in any case... (I think the same thing happened last week, not sure whether I'm brave enough to ignore the warning and click through anyway!)
Alison x