Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cooper’s Big News, Tucker is getting big!

The BIG news this week, Cooper turned 2!!! 


I am happy to say that he is still a big puppy head and that turning 2 years old did not seem to phase him.  As you can see, he was quite excited about his birthday cake and tried to convince me to let him eat it all in one bite!  That did not happen.

The heat and humidity have been brutal for the last couple of weeks.  It’s kept us inside for the most part which is okay, since Tucker isn’t quite ready for full on running with Cooper yet; which is what happens when they both go out back together!

Tucker is growing so fast!


I swear some days I can hear him getting bigger.  He started puppy kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and did a puppy play date on Saturday.  Tucker is NOT like Cooper at all.  While he doesn’t mind other dogs and isn’t fearful of them, he’s not the maniac about playing that Cooper is. He is apparently far more casual about the whole thing and can take it or leave it.  Randy has been taking him solo, our niece did go the two Sundays she was here; it was “cool” she said.  I enjoy my Sunday evenings of down time, Tucker and Cooper together are a full time job!  So that time with Cooper, even if he is frustrated that Tucker went for a ride without him, is nice.


These two play hard and they crash hard, and those ‘crashes’ are about the only free time I get to do my normal household stuff.  As long as Cooper remains in the same room with Tucker it’s all good, but let Cooper get up to see what I’m doing and Tucker says hey, don’t forget me!  Tucker is also very, very good about letting you know he needs to go out.  The only downside is that since they play so hard, they drink more water, which means more trips outside.  I counted the other day it was like 18 times before Randy got home.  I’m so proud of Tucker though, I’d rather take him out 180 times (well not really!) than clean up puppy piles inside.


Cooper is amazingly tolerant of Tucker’s insanity.  There are occasionally some ‘discussions’ over toys or bones because one of them always wants what the other one has.  Typically it’s Tucker giving Cooper a lot of lip because he wants what Cooper has.  If I can ever get a video of that, I’ll be sure to share!

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