Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cause everybody needs a friend..

It’s been a week since we brought home our newest edition.  As first weeks go, it was a pretty good one.  Our biggest dilemma was what to name our new edition because we’d thought it was going to be a girl, turns out the one that picked us was a boy.

Meet Tucker.

May 2 2015 (3) 

This very serious looking little man is a blue Great Dane and as of today he’s all of 9 weeks old.

We weren’t too sure how Cooper was going to be with his new sibling, at first he was a maniac and so excited we couldn’t trust to leave Tucker on the floor.  After a day or so, maybe Cooper realized he was going to stay he started to calm down and after a few more they started to play nicely together.Cooper & Tucker May 6 2015 (55)

They both enjoy chewing on the various antlers but of course there is one that they both always seem to want.

Cooper & Tucker May 6 2015 (51)

Tucker likes sleeping on Cooper.  Cooper is not so sure about that.

Cooper & Tucker May 6 2015 (43)

Watching them with their mouthy dog play is both entertaining and nerve-racking.  Cooper’s mouth is as big as Tuckers entire head.  Tucker also really loves grabbing Cooper’s lip!

Cooper & Tucker May 6 2015 (70)

The best thing so far though as been watching tug of war become part of their play time!  The very first time, Cooper pretty much tossed Tucker across the living room and it was a little surprising for all involved.  After that though, Cooper has been so gentle and basically just lets Tucker tug and tug to his hearts content. 

Cooper & Tucker May 6 2015 (62)

Watching these two as Tucker grows is going to be very entertaining!

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