Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Projects, Pins and plans…

The guest bath is ‘almost’ done, there are 3 small details that have to be taken care of.  The closet needs new shelving, the closet doors *may* need a cross brace and one we either need two almond color switches or a white GFI outlet and switch.  I’ve had my first soak in the new tub and it’s wonderful!  Cooper has also had his first bath in the new tub and he found it to be roomy enough to turn around in!
We are currently in a bit of a holding pattern with projects.  Next up, I believe is going to be a platform bed with drawers that Randy is building for our bedroom.  I hate dust ruffles with a passion and I don’t like the metal frame showing (or stubbing my toe on it!) and since he hasn’t had a woodworking project in a while he found a plan and is going to make the bed.  However our hold up has been the weather because each time he’s planned to go and get the wood it has snowed! 
Cooper and I have enjoyed the snow very much and spent a lot of time outside playing in it.  He is so much fun!
Feb 21 2015 (18)

When I can’t focus on the outside stuff it makes me focus on the inside stuff. My list of “Want to Do’s” for our home has everything from new floors for kitchen and laundry room to refacing the fireplace!  I just keep pinning all my dreamy ideas on Pinterest and turning this into our dream home, one idea at a time.  Soon though the weather will surely reach tolerable temperatures and I’ll be spending every waking moment outside implementing all my plans and dreams.  I’m committed (or maybe should be) to making this the best gardening year ever!

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