Saturday, February 28, 2015

Little touches

Here are some details while we finish up this weekend. 


The new curtains and curtain rod will delight my mother in law.  While I’ve never understood it, she’s insistent on drawing the blind down and closing the curtain when she’s in the bathroom, so now there is something in there besides a sheer panel.  We will also be installing a film on this window to prevent bird collisions that doesn’t impact you seeing out but makes the window look like a solid white panel.  That means that in addition to birds seeing it, no one can see in.


The new robe hook and a very wrinkled new shower curtain on a curved rod.  I did not want a shower curtain, I don’t like them at all and I really wanted a nice glass door.  I wanted the type of door that doesn’t have a frame across the top but Randy and I couldn’t agree and we ended up with a shower curtain. 

IMG_6394  IMG_6393

The very exciting monster 36” towel bar and a new hand towel ring.  Thrilling I know!


Last but not least the new mirrors and light fixtures. 

This weekend should conclude this bathroom remodel, we have a little bit of tile work to finish.  We are still missing one towel bar for the door but the bathroom is certainly functional without it.  When the tile work is done I will of course share the finished product!

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