Monday, March 3, 2014

Think warm thoughts…

What do you get with a bored man, snow and artic cold air?
Randy got a Big Green Egg (for those that don’t know what that it, it’s a big green ceramic cooker) for his birthday last year and I will be the first to admit that food cooked on the BGE is the juiciest, most flavor packed food I’ve ever had from a grill! 
The research began and Randy decided to build an outdoor ‘kitchen’ area for two BGE’s.  He will have the large for cooking turkey or other large items or amounts of food and a medium to use when it’s just us.
So here are the bones, the two sections on either end are for the eggs.
The middle piece gets this cabinet and drawer.
When it gets warmer, these frames will get concrete backer board on them, then a counter top of something like granite or soapstone.  We will cover the backer board with stone or tiles.
So as we sit watching it snow, we can’t help but think warm thoughts…

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