Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 40 bag Challenge!

If you know me, maybe even just a little, you know that I hate clutter.  Being disorganized makes my skin crawl I can’t help it.  The other side to that is also that I hate feeling like I have too much ‘stuff’, which happens often.  I’m always trying to downsize, purge and pass on stuff.  So whilst I am not Catholic, I am all for giving up things that I no longer need or use and the 40 bags in 40 days challenge (which coincides with Lent) is one I’m happy to take part in!
I don’t know the history behind this challenge, I just found out about it today from White House Black Shutters but in a nutshell, you clean up 40 different spaces or rooms and produce a bag of some size (or a piece of furniture) that you are going to get rid of.  For me that’s easy enough and I started today with magazines.  I’ve kept soo many magazines but funny enough I almost never refer to them, as I tend to go to the internet first.  So out they go!
To be honest I added them to my already growing pile of purge that I started last week when I cleaned out the craft room and the guest bathroom closet.
Have no fear though, there is plenty more to do!  So are YOU up for the challenge?  What do you have to lose besides some clutter???

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