Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cooper Graduates..

It’s official Cooper graduated from Puppy 2 last night.
He now gets a brief break from school until his next class which sadly won’t be with Sarah (who is awesome!) or at Your Dogs Friend (which I can’t recommend enough!!!!).  Each night before class the puppies got playtime and Cooper typically played with Griffin (far right) the Boston Terrier.  Now it might seem like an odd match but that little dog is sure he is the biggest dog in the class.  I want to share this little snippet of video of them playing from last night.  This was at the tail end of the play session and they had been going at it pretty hard.
The Great Dane and The Boston Terrier
Cooper will miss his playtime and I’m sure going to class.  As will I because on the day after class, he is always worn out!

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ShirleyC said...

Great picture of the class!