Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Wonderland



The snow and cold change everything for me.  I literally need the seasons, as a gardener it is very hard to still your planning when it doesn’t look cold outside.  The brown leaves, the sticks and the stalks from last seasons garden scream at you to come and clean them up.  Sadly to me at least, most people are so disconnected with the natural world that to them the seasons, the changing weather, is just an inconvenience.  The bare winter landscape covered in beautiful white snow lets me mind rest, it gives me pause and time to just enjoy and not think about everything that will need to be done and for that I’m so incredibly grateful!

This snow is soft and fun to play in!  I’ve spent more time outside with Cooper (and Zoe some) playing in the snow than I have in a long time.  He loves it and has such a joy about him that it is impossible to not want to run around and be goofy.  He will take any little bit he can get too!


The cold seems to make Zoe frisky as she has even run and played a bit with him and while she doesn’t last as long as he does (none of us do!) it’s wonderful to see her with energy and spunk!


So for now, I get to enjoy it being winter, the cold air seems cleaner somehow, the snow provides a quiet peace to the world outside my window.  It’s one where the sound of the birds and the breeze stirring the last remaining beech tree leaves are all one hears.  It’s a world that I’m so grateful for and one that I cherish!

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