Sunday, November 10, 2013

Growing like a weed…


And so he grows.  It’s noticeable some days, others not so much.  Like today he and Zoe were playing and I noticed that he’s as tall or almost as tall as she is.  But he’s still a big puppy, a big sweet, sensitive puppy at that!  He’s nearing the 50 pound mark, though he’s more leg than anything else.


He loves to snuggle, he loves the cats but still hasn’t gotten the ‘why’ he isn’t supposed to chase them. He doesn’t like to be yelled at one bit and will run and hide if he thinks you are mad at him.  Zoe gave him the what for because he was really pestering her and she’d had enough.  You would have thought that he was being killed, he came running to me, hiding behind me looking at her and whimpering.  Zoe just looked at him like ‘oh please’.  Just a little bit later and they were pals again, if only everyone could get along like dogs!   

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