Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cooper, Matters…

I know I’m different when it comes to my animals.  I know that my dedication to making them happy and healthy is more than a lot of people.  To me they aren’t just “a dog” or “a cat”.  They are my responsibility, they are in my care and as such sometimes I have to change things in my life and I don’t mind that at all.   
I get it, not everyone understands why I say I can’t go out right now for 4 or 5 hours at a time and they don’t understand why I’m spending time and money on puppy training.  The time (and money) that we invest now in Cooper will help him to be an amazing dog, they will teach him manners, not to be afraid of other dogs, kids, guys in hats or the vets.  They will make sure that when he is full grown and weighs more than I do (and maybe Randy too) that he will be nothing more than a big dog with great social and listening skills!  That’s really, really important to us. 
So it’s important for us to do right by him now and if that means us going out less and limiting the amount of people, excitement and stress in our home we are willing to do that.  We know it won’t always be this way, but we also know that it’s really easy to stress a puppy out.  Sometimes that can lead to future behavior issues and that’s something we want to avoid as much as we can.  The training window for a puppy is short and exposing them to as much positive as you can while they are young is so important.  
Right now he’s our goofy puppy and we love him to death.  He’s got a lot to learn but we are more than willing to teach him because in the end what’s best for Cooper, really is best for us too!

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