Friday, January 25, 2013

Planning Pinterest Style…

Winter has finally arrived, it even snowed and due to the cold gripping the area it didn’t melt!  It is such a grand gift though I highly doubt the majority of the population appreciates it.  It’s due to snow again tonight, I’d be happy if it stayed cold and snowy until March.  I’m not crazy, I just need a break and time to dream and plan.
Have you ever been to Pinterest?  It is a great place for dreaming and planning let me tell you, you can see things that you imagined but didn’t think had ever been done, it’s magical. I have a lot of boards but adding to the ‘oh I love that' Gardening Goodies board is so much fun!  The things people create with wooden pallets, is just incredible, gardening benches, outdoor couches, herb gardens, walls, chicken coops even!  The uses of jars, pots and cans for various ways of growing things, the faerie houses, the use of rocks for making herb beds it just goes on and on.
I want it all!  I want my own garden shed, I want a sunny spot for herbs and heaven knows I want to grow vegetables as well.  I want to plant a fruit tree of some sort, I want to redesign just about every garden bed I have, I want so much to turn the visions that I have in my head, on my garden boards into reality.  I have a beautiful canvas to work with, although it is far from blank.  So if one wants to makeover a landscape, where in the garden to you start?
Good thing it’s going to be cold for a while, I need time to think!

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