Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage Part 1

It’s late August and my gardens have been so ravaged by deer, drought and weeds that I’ve thrown up a white flag.  I’ve never ever seen it this bad and it has me puzzled as to what I can do to keep at least two parts of it from happening again next year that being the deer and the weeds, the lack of rain is out of my control. 
So with my focused shifted from outside I’ve gotten the garage clean up, clean out and organize bug pretty badly.  So today I’m sharing the before pictures of the garage, hopefully by Sunday I’ll have some awesome after’s or at least middles!
This is looking into the garage from the laundry room, doesn’t look too bad right?
Two workbenches that are totally and completely useless thanks to big blue there.  I want one or both benches moved to a location where they can actually be used.  Maybe one on either side of the garage, his and hers perhaps?  We need some sturdy shelves over head for coolers and other items.  I also want some cabinets for storing all his random cans and bottles of whatever he has down there.
This area, yeah that ALL of my gardening stuff shoved into one small corner.  The upper shelves I can’t even reach are useless for me.  I need a good cabinet for my deer repellents and I would like a metal cabinet for bird food storage.  I think this wall is going to get some cabinets as well as some hanging storage for my garden tools.  I really hope that those benches could be narrow enough to use over here.  If not, perhaps we can build me one.
This one is looking back over towards that laundry room door.  See that shelf, that’s got to go, I would like all the hot tub supplies in a cabinet and I’d love to put all the car washing supplies in one too!
That’s all over head!  I want to use some of that for finishing the paneling on the wall were the workbenches are now.
These walls I’d LOVE to insulate and then finish off with plywood.  The other workbench could go over here, I think???  Randy said he wanted to take the top of that tool box off and swap it for the piece that’s on the floor on the other side of the garage.  I’m thinking if he does that, I want that top for my stuff!
So there you have it!  Let’s hope by Sunday night I’ve got something wonderful to share, or at least an improvement!!!!

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