Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage After…

Well it’s mostly done!  There are some odds and ends to be taken care of but the garage has been cleaned out, cabinets put in and things organized and put away!
Take a look!
Not much change here right?  Wait are those cabinets in the corner over there?? 
How about this one, something’s missing. Oh yeah those 2 junk collection tables, er.. workbenches are long gone.  We had planned to remove one and move one but upon actually getting to them we found out the were missing back legs!  I guess when my father in law installed them he felt hacking them off to stand on the knee wall was a good idea.  They went to the dump!
Gone are the ventilated shelves that I couldn’t reach.  Removed (by me I might add) are those warped, and useless shelves that were at the far end.  Replaced by a floor cabinet that holds most of my garden supplies and a wall cabinet that holds gloves and plenty of space for MORE gardening supplies.  A 6’ workbench that you can actually access now stands in place of all the junk that was along this wall.  The final cabinet holds all of our hot tub supplies and has ample space to move some of the car washing stuff into the garage and out of the laundry room!
This hodge podge of stuff came out of the organizer that is now empty.  There are a few things I’m keeping but for the most part this is all junk.  The impending hurricane Irene stopped me from my sorting on Saturday.
We reused some of the ventilated shelves for our camping stuff, chairs and some coolers.
This wood is going to eventually be put on the back of the shed.  However in the meantime, Randy is getting a wood rack to get it all up off the floor. 
It was a process that took an entire weekend, most of last week for me and then part of Saturday to get to this point.  I still need a few hooks to hang my 3 tools and cart on, I just don’t want that stuff in the shed. I’m really happy with how all this turned out, I can find things now and getting rid of those workbenches even made the garage smell better!
Imagine that!

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