Saturday, November 29, 2014

This, that and the other…

Where did the summer and fall go?  I’m now ready for the snow to blanket everything so that I can stop thinking about all of it for a while. We got a brief taste of winter this past week with a little snow falling and covering things.  For me snow brings instant peace of mine, no longer do I see all that needs to be done, just a lovely clean slate waiting for dreams to be planted.
Zoe celebrated her 13th birthday in November!  She is doing really good and while she can’t get around like she could in her youth, she still tries.
Cooper continues to grow but he is still very much a gawky puppy who only knows what his feet are doing fifty percent of the time.  He doesn’t understand why Zoe doesn’t want to play with him.

For now, we are just getting ready for Christmas and spending some time with family and friends.  Maybe into the new year, we will get going on some new projects, at least I hope so!!!

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