Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fantastic Friday…

Mother Nature has been providing me with some interesting sights this season.  Eastern Bluebirds in the stream and on my roof;

Jan 29 2014 (17)

Freezing rain on the pines;

Feb 3 2014 (5)

Melting snow on the roof edge;

Feb 2014 (5)

Then on Friday, she gave me an array of weather in less than an hours time.  It started out sunny, but changed over to cloudy as the temperature climbed.  The sky turned a foreboding blue-black color and the winds kicked up.  The rain came fast and sideways, pounding on the roof and then all was still and quiet.  That is is when the fog came in great waves billowing across the ground like some magic mist.  It was something conjured from a faerie tale and at that point seeing some magical, sentient being wouldn’t have surprised me at all.


It’s days like this that I am reminded how incredible Mother Nature is and how easily it can bring us to a stop in whatever we are doing!

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