Saturday, December 28, 2013

Playtime for Cooper!

Muddy winters and no puppy class make for a bored and ramped up Cooper!  In all seriousness, he’s been as good as gold throughout Christmas, I couldn’t have dreamt he’d behave so well!  Since the weather was nice and toasty and my yard was full of mud I decided to take him to the park to let him run the tennis court.  When we had BB our greyhound that was what we did with him, he’d do 3 laps and he was done.  The day I took Cooper over I found a tennis ball on the outside of the fence and tossed it to him.  His reaction surprised me, he loved it!  I told Randy who was skeptical, but when we took him the next day and Randy got to see it first hand!  Cooper is willing to chase and return that ball as many times as you throw it and he loves running on the baseball field.
He has been bouncing all over the place the last few days, so we took him over to the park to run on the baseball field today and this time I remembered to take my camera.  I put my zoom lens on and put the camera in action mode and just started shooting! 
One thing is for sure…We are going to need a bigger ball!

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