Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Taste of Winter…

Now it feels like winter!  I am really happy to see the snow, I was so excited to take Cooper out to see his first ever snow!  I’d hoped Cooper would love it the way I do and did he ever!
He ran around like a maniac in the first little bit that came down.  He chased it, he rooted in it and he did his best to catch the snowflakes in his mouth.  It was so funny to see him just running, leaping and just enjoying something new. 
Zoe came out with us, she wanted to see what was going on and why he was leaving divots in the driveway!  She loves the snow too, that’s why she’s Snowy Zoe, but she’s much too refined now to behave so insanely.
Or maybe not! They played a little, some hopping, pawing and that lovely mouthy thing dogs do. Everyone was tired and wet so we came in to get warm and dry.  What better way to spend an afternoon than decorating the Christmas tree!
After we had a little more snow on the ground back out we all went and more play ensued.
Here is Cooper testing out his flying ability.  He and Zoe were romping around like two puppies together.  She finally tired and just stood and watched as he ran laps around her.  I don’t blame her, he tires me out when he gets the zoomies like that!
Even Zoe got in on the running act, though maybe she was running to get away from her crazy baby brother!
Once inside it was time for a winter’s nap by the fire!
It was a great winter day and we are looking for many more snowy days, hopefully some with some deeper snow for Cooper to really play in.  Now let’s hope that the ice doesn’t cause too many problems tonight and tomorrow morning!
Happy Snow Day!

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