Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another week of happiness!

What a big week we’ve had!!! Zoe deciding to play with Cooper, a new dog fence installed, Coopers first puppy play night and his first time sleeping through the whole night!
Watching the two of them play together is something else,
What are they saying???

I want to know what they are saying to each other, dogs aren’t supposed to be very vocal.  Barking, growling are reserved for special occasions these two however seem to be having quite a debate!
I think the funnies thing has been Cooper’s desire to sleep with Zoe.  He started that the first night he was here and she was having no part of it.  So we’ve had separate beds for them being sure to keep Cooper from snuggling too close.
Well as of today things are getting better,
Zoe is still not quite ready to let him cuddle her, but she’s at least willing to share bed space!  Tonight, we took both out for a ride in the Jeep to get frozen yogurt, they seem to be adjusting to each other very well and that makes us very, very happy!!!

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jsrober said...

I love Cooper's "puppy" bark! It's not going to be long before he develops his big, deep WOOF!