Monday, August 5, 2013

Deck progress!

We have a deck!

Deck Aug 2013 013Deck Aug 2013 014Deck Aug 2013 015

Last weekend Randy worked on Saturday but not Sunday.  He worked a couple nights during the week and this weekend he was planning to work the entire weekend.  Mom Nature sort of chuckled and that and she dumped some rain on his parade.  So on Sunday to make up for lost time, he worked from around 9 till oh 7:30 p.m.!  The above shows all the beautiful progress.

Deck Aug 2013 010

They say the devil is in the details and Randy has had a devil of a time with some of them.  The cut around the downspout,

Deck Aug 2013 011

The cuts around the hot tub.

Deck Aug 2013 007

The placement of posts and the angle of the Ipe edge, additional blocking for specific boards were challenges that he faced and I think mastered beautifully!


What’s left?  Well to create the access panel for the hot tub.

Deck Aug 2013 016

Plus staining and rails are left to be done.  We are getting close and with the last two I’ll actually be able to help!

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