Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Addition..

Maybe it was all the Scooby-doo and Astro cartoons or my love of Marmaduke, but whatever the case Great Danes have always fascinated me.  I love the size and the easy going nature of the ones I have encountered in real life. There was something so regal and graceful to me about a dog that sleek, that muscular, that great!
Jun 18 2013 (4)
We’ve been looking for a while for a new dog, we weren’t set on any one breed or even age.  We knew whatever we ended up with had to get along with Zoe.  We talked a lot and decided that a puppy or young dog would be the best bet because while obnoxious they would hopefully be the easiest for her to accept. So we set out on a search to find a boy to add to our family, that little boy was born on June 17th.
The breeder was wonderful and shared lots of pictures and videos of our little man as he was growing with his brothers and sisters.
Jun 27 2013 (6)
Cooper Jun 17, 2013
Jul 17 2013
Cooper Jul 17th, 2013
We finally got to go and meet him when he was about 7 weeks old and while I had already fallen in love with him through pictures, he totally stole both our hearts that day!
Aug 3 2013 (1)
Cooper spent some time playing with Randy before heading over to visit with me.
Aug 3 2013 (2)
Where he promptly fell asleep on my foot, I was a goner at that point.
As I held him in my arms that day I realized it was real, I was really and truly going to get a Great Dane and a puppy no less!  I was over the moon excited and the time between that day and bringing him home seemed like forever.
Finally on Friday the 16th of August we brought Cooper to his forever home and thus our new adventure as Great Dane parents began.
Welcome home Cooper, welcome home, I’ve waited a long time for you little man!

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