Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Decked Out…

So it started off like this.  Get a dumpster to clean up all the scrap wood, the junk the stuff that is just too big to take to the dump. Most of it was from Randy cleaning and rearranging the work shop.  Well they brought it, we put stuff in it, but it was nearly full enough, so Randy got an idea, which means trouble!
The deck needs to be replaced, the boards are old, the nails are popping up, etc. and we’ve talked about making changes to it.  So imagine my surprise when he informs me he’s ripping out the stairs to the deck!
His grand vision is to add on a 6 x 8’ section to ‘expand’ the seating and cooking area.  I keep pushing for an outdoor kitchen but he’s not buying that lol!  A new post and some new headers will have to be put in place.
The new stairs will go here, he was using the old stairs (that were cut in half mind you) to get an idea of where he wanted them.
This area gets pushed out, the grills get moved out from the wall. He’s talking about a lattice screen at the end for privacy and some sort of weather protection over head.
The table will be moved away from the wall and he swears that it’s not that hard.  That’s good to know because it’s going to be done a lot sooner than he might be thinking lol!

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