Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well the "room" is now a livable space and it's wonderful! We are still working on the trim, but we have some little details to share.

This is the first completed set of trim. The Christmas tree will be placed in front of these doors in the next few days!

This lovely little item is the heat pump for the room. I wasn't too keen on the size as it was bigger then I thought it would be and I was worried about the noise it would make. Well, turns out that once it was installed it didn't look as big and it is quieter than a cat's purr! Plus it makes some serious heat!!!

No, this isn't a thermostat it is the controller for the music in the room! Randy ran speaker cable and Cat 5 from the receiver in the living room to this little gadget and it plays the music from our music server! How cool is that!

Of course this is one of the speakers in the room, there are 2 of them, one on either side. I must admit that I was skeptical of how well it would work, but once again Randy impressed me! This room is more then I dreamed it would be and I can't wait to spend many hours out there!!!

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