Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Windows, Doors & More!!!

This weekend was all about the front of the addition. We ended up having to rent scaffolding on Saturday so that Randy (note I say Randy because I wasn't going up on that stuff!) could access the entire front of the room, rather then one side at a time. By the time we went and picked it up, set it up and installed two windows and finished the door, it was close to dark!

We started fresh on Sunday, installing the siding. With me at the chop saw and Randy swinging through the giant set of monkey bars we rolled along until we got close to the top, by that time it was dark and those last pieces couldn't be installed until the fascia and soffit went in. (Not to mention that those last lovely pieces needed some serious angles on them!

After a trip to the lumber yard for more cedar we worked on the soffit and fascia. We got the two long sides and the two short sides on the extension done. While Randy was working on the short sides I was putting backer rod into the gaps and filling doors and windows with expanding foam. After he finished up the last of the short side we started working on those cuts. It took a while but the end product is awesome!

Time to get started on the interior for real!!!

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