Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid Week

They are calling for rain this week so Randy came home a little early to get the flashing done. He started by cutting a groove in the house with the circular saw. Then he made his own "Aluminum Break" to bend the flashing which I had the pleasure of standing on while he hammered away.
It turned out really nice and when the rains came, no leaks which is the very best part!!!

Now me well, don't think that I have been sitting on my laurels while Randy has been working away. Besides being the only member of the brute squad, I am also the hauler and the lifter, the holder and oh yeah, the stainer. We got a delivery of more supplies, the interior siding which is already finished in a clear, all the interior trim for windows and doors and all the exterior siding.

Well each day I load up my staining station and do about 20 boards. (Each morning the staining fairy comes and puts the stained boards away, amazing!) I suspect that it will get a little more challenging as the boards get longer, because while they will, my arms won't!

So here in my room I stain, 2 coats every day. I have a lot of boards to go...

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