Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wrapped Up

Well we only had two days this weekend, Saturday and Sunday...and we had to take time out for leaf clean-up. Yep its Fall once again. Anyhow, we still managed to get a little work done. Saturday we spent the day getting the sheathing on the house. That's 1" rigid foam insulation on 1/2" plywood. And Sunday it was on to house wrap. Like that Smurf blue?!?!

With that complete, while Angie took care of the leaves, I cut and installed the beveled blocking. That's the finishing touch covering the space where the rafters meet the top of the wall.

After that we installed the first two pieces of rake board. Next weekend we'll finish this along the front edge and probably start tackling the roof - another step in getting this addition weather tight. Guess we better learn something about installing skylights!!!

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