Sunday, September 16, 2007

We have walls!

Well after the slot cutting fiasco, Angie was itching to actually see some progress (and use some of the materials we received on Wednesday)! So first order of business was to mount (lag bolt) the post to our new slots. 8" lags should hold it.

That went smoothly and we started with the first wall. This was tricky since the deck is not square, but after some careful measurements we convinced ourselves that the corners were square and we were off and running. We braced it up as we went and kept checking our layout lines. Lo and behold, after a few hours we had walls.

Starting to look like something now. Those two end walls are one piece each and heavy. Its back to work tomorrow, but next weekend we should be able to install the remaining posts, hopefully get some beams installed (if we find some strong backs to help), and maybe get a few rafters up. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Joy Wells said...

WOW!!!! its beautiful,I know you can't wait for all to be finished.
I can't wait to see it all done either.