Sunday, September 9, 2007

We have a sub floor!

Today was about finishing the sub floor, installing the what Randy calls a "rim joist" (In my terms a long, heavy pressure treated board) that I got to hang over the edge of the deck to hold up while he installed the first couple of nails, there were 3 of those. I also had the privilege of driving in nails all on my own! Yes, he trusts me with a hammer!!!

Next we finished the sub floor which gives a good visual of the size of the room. I have a new appreciation for anyone that uses a drill on a regular basis. That thing gets hot and for a little hand like mine is huge when putting screws into sub floor, yes Randy actually let me use HIS drill to put in screws while he worked on other stuff.

We had planned to start on the framing for the "cappuccino deck" (the term the architect coined) but ran into a snafu. The posts that are down below are not in the right place, so 2 will have to be replaced. Since we couldn't do that we worked on loading up the dumpster that we had delivered with all the stuff out of the garage, under the deck and remaining deck scraps. It made a big difference in the garage (making room for the delivery on Wednesday).

*On a side note I found a lovely snake skin, about 4 1/2' or 5' long wrapped around Randy's tool box!

Stay tuned, next update will be Wednesday, the delivery and possible the cutting of the logs!

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