Saturday, July 11, 2015

The other sides…

Today we finally got to the other sides!!!!  While we have nothing to plant it’s really nice to have finally cleaned out all around the shed.  It took half the day, but it really was worth it.



It looks much better and now I can worry less about the dogs as they love running around through the woods and there was quite a bit of poison ivy in there.


I pulled a lot of weeds and burning bush sprouts up from this area.  I had to uncover the azaleas that are doing so well back there.  They are filling out and are glossy, dark green and just looking better than I’ve ever seen them.  I can hardly wait till next spring when they bloom, again!


Cooper and Tucker played, a lot!  Cooper loves being chased, Tucker, well he doesn’t love to chase all that much, yet, but I see it coming.  I love that I can take them into the back yard and let them go.  Tucker even seems to be outgrowing the need to eat everything, which is a blessing.  It has been the biggest issue with him being off leash, he doesn’t just chew stuff, he swallows it; sticks, mulch, grass, leaves you name it. 

Tomorrow, I think we are going to work out front, now there’s a full days worth of work!



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