Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Spring is on full speed here, I can’t believe how quickly everything is coming up and greening up.  Last week we got our replacement trees..Finally!!


This time they brought us Norway spruce, the guy said he didn’t know what had killed them, but maybe they didn’t get enough sun.  I could see a tree not growing and languishing away, but not out right death like that.  I really want to get all the small beech trees and the one damaged large one taking down.  That would help with more light getting into the back yard.  We need all the help we can get to dry things out back there too.  With the grass always being wet, it’s super easy for Cooper to tear it up!

We actually got to do some outdoor chores on Sunday.  Randy mowed the grass and cleaned up the leaves from various places.  I started the process of moving hosta to the back gardens.  When they are small and haven’t opened yet they are pretty easy to move.


I have a few odd clumps that have shown up in other beds, the most daunting task for me though is the hosta coming up along the front. In addition to the hosta this bed has several azaleas in it that need to be moved.  I’ve actually thought about hiring someone to come dig the holes and move them for me.  It hurts my back just thinking about digging them up!

A very nice gift of the deer fence has been seeing things blooming that never have before.


This yellow bush has been back here for years and the deer ate it constantly, this year it was safe and showed it’s appreciation for that.  Randy said we will have to rescue the other two from around front and plant them near this one.


These are just a few of the hosta coming up in the bed near the deck, they have leaves and everything!


Funny how getting to see something as simple as violets blooming can make you smile, the deer typically ate the flowers off in the spring leaving me with nothing but green leaves.

With nice weather in the forecast I suspect that I’ll be spending quite a bit of time outside working…

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