Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Natures Blessings..

There are so many beautiful and wondrous things to see.  I’m full of nothing but gratitude when it comes to where I live and the gifts that my Mom passed on to me.  Love of gardening, love of all of nature and the ability to connect with the earth in this amazing relationship!  I truly feel sorry for the people in the world that just never stop and take the time to see the marvels around them…


This is a dogwood called Golden Shadows, I got it oh like 3 or 4 years ago (could be longer!) with my mom at a plant sale.  It was just a stick and the poor thing didn’t stand a chance because the deer would eat any new growth that appeared. Look at that variegation, look at the depth of the grooves on the leaves, it’s even more beautiful in person!  I can’t wait to find a prime spot for it in the ground!


Apparently I’m on Mother Nature’s good side right now because she gave me this gift!  At first I thought it was a poppy but under closer inspection the leaf looks like a tulip.  In any case it is just beautiful and I have no idea where it came from! 


I just love snakes!  I was raised by a Mom who believed that I shouldn’t be afraid of nature.  I grew up with a respect for the things that could inflict pain but not a fear of any of them.  I am always finding these little snakes in the leaf matter and today in the wood chip pile.  There were actually two but taking a picture of a snake with one hand when he’s trying to hide in between your fingers was tricky enough.  My other favorite thing to ‘play’ with when I’m moving leaves or wood chips are the huge black beetles called horned passalus. These things are so cool because they kind of squeak when you hold them, I mean come on how cool is that a beetle that can make noise!!!  I didn’t get a picture though because when it started squeaking Cooper got really interested.


This is my lovely woodland bed all a bloom with woodland poppies, daffodils, snow drops, hellebores and trilliums.  It such a bright and happy sight, it’s nice to see it like this, it sadly won’t last because the deer, when desperate will eat all the woodland poppies (it’s in the unfenced zone) but for now, it’s so pretty.


Directly across is another bed in full bloom, bleeding hearts, hellebores and Virginia bluebells were all swaying in the breeze.   Or maybe from the buzzing of all the bees!  They love the Virginia bluebells and the plants almost humm, from all the activity.  When a bumblebee buzzed past Coopers head he jumped and tried to chase it.  I’m not sure what he thought he was going to do if he caught it!

The weather changed from sunny, breezy and 70.  To pouring down rain and insane winds that made the trees roar.  I sat and watched the trees dance, listened to the rain pounding and thought wow, I really am blessed….

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